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The Evans brothers, John & Sam, were from Monkton Row in Wicklow Town.  At the outbreak of the war John was part of the reserve and was mobilised with the 2nd battalion and arrived in France on September 09 1914.  He remained with the battalion through the early engagements with the Germans until he was badly wounded in 1917……..

Sergeant Patrick Joseph Hackett

Born in the north inner city of Dublin in 1890, Patrick joined the British Army Special Reserve. He was initially assigned to the 4/Leinsters and, after the outbreak of WW1, was assigned to the 2/Leinsters and embarked for France on 25 October 1914……..

John and Sam Evans John Evans

With the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme there were many major commemorations to mark this centenary however in a rainy wind-swept field at Ballyeighan on the 9 September 2016, there was a very small solemn ceremony held to mark the centenary of the death of Captain Lancelot Joseph Moore Studholme of the 7th (Service Battalion) Leinster Regiment……..


A Forgotten Leinster Soldier Captain Lancelot Joseph Moore Studholme