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Membership of Leinster Regiment Ireland is open to all those who share our main aim of commemorating and preserving the memory of the officers and men who served in the Prince of Wales’s Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians).

The current Annual Subscription is €20 for members with e-mail facility, and €25 for members where communication is necessary by post. The Subscription is payable each year on August 1st.

New Applications for Membership will be subject to approval by the committee.

Download the Membership Application Form below, and return the completed form to the Secretary.

We would prefer if you paid your Annual Subscription by Direct Debit, Standing Order or Electronic Transfer. You can download the separate Direct Debit/Standing Order form below. The completed form should be sent to your bank.

For payment by Electronic Transfer, please see our bank account details on the Direct Debit/Standing Order form.

If you are paying your subscription by cheque,

please send the cheque to the Secretary - his address details are on the Application Form.

To download

Application Form

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Direct Debit/Standing Order Form

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