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5 March 2016

A group of members and friends of Leinster Regiment Ireland on their first trip to The Somme Association in Newtownards near Belfast.

13 June 2015

Mary Sanders laying a wreath at The Great War Memorial dedicated to the 4/Leinsters in Portlaoise, following the Inaugural Meeting of Leinster Regiment Ireland.

July 2015

At the National Day of Commemoration in Kilmainham Leinster Regiment Ireland Secretary John Hollingsworth and Vice Chairman Brendan Lynch with the relatives of executed 1916 Easter Rising leader, Padraig Pearse.  

And, above right, with the laurel wreath, Leinster Regiment Ireland Chairman John Goodman, Secretary John Hollingsworth and Vice Chairman Brendan Lynch.

15 Nov 2015

The laurel wreath laid by Leinster Regiment Ireland at the Leinsters' memorial in Crinkle.

14 Nov 2015

Pictured following the Service of Remembrance in St. Brendan’s Catholic Church, Birr.   L to R:   Brendan Lynch, Michael Coghlan, Mary Sanders, John Goodman, Eddie Spain and Patricia Brophy.


6 August 2016

A section of the audience attending the Lecture given by John Goodman, Chairman of Leinster Regiment Ireland, in Birr Library.

6 August 2016   Leinster Regiment Ireland AGM

Gerard O’Meara, Mary Sanders, John Hollingsworth, John Goodman, Stephan Callaghan, Brendan Mullins, David Wilson and Derek Coulter.

7 August 2016   At Clonoghill Cemetery

Brendan and Marion Mullins, Mary Kennedy, Stephen Callaghan, John Hollingsworth and Mary Sanders.

6 August 2016  Leinster Regiment Ireland  AGM

Gerard O’Meara, Derek Coulter, Mary Kennedy , Stephen Callaghan, John Hollingsworth, Mary Sanders, David Wilson and Brendan Mullins.

7 August 2016

At the wreath laying at  Leinsters’ Memorial in Crinkle were John Hollingsworth, Mary Kennedy, Brendan Mullins and Stephen Callaghan.

9 Sept 2016  Dedicated members and supporters attending the Capt Lancelot Joseph Moore Studholme

Centenary Remembrance Ceremony in Ballyeighan

Photo courtesy Derek Fanning, Midland Tribune.

15 Oct. 2016  John Goodman lecturing at the WFA Meeting at Collins Barracks, Dublin.

28 Aug. 2016  A wreath laid by Leinster Regiment Ireland at the Wicklow Peace & Remembrance Memorial unveiling.

9 July 2016

Brendan Lynch, Mary Sanders, Brendan Mullins and John Hollingsworth were guests at the ceremony to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme on 9 July 2016 at the War Memorial Gardens in Islandbridge.

10 July 2016

Admiring the wreath laid by the President on behalf of the people of Ireland at the National Day of Commemoration on 10 July 2016 in Royal Hospital, Kilmainham: Brendan Mullins, Brendan Lynch, John Goodman, Mary Sanders and John Hollingsworth.

15 July 2016

President Michael D. Higgins inspecting the guard of honour of the Irish Defence Forces at the National Day of Commemoration, The Royal Hospital, Kilmainham.

14 May 2016  Pictured at our Committee Meeting in Portlaoise.

13 Nov. 2016  Discussions following the wreath-laying at the Leinster Regiment Memorial in Crinkle on Remembrance Day.

13 Nov. 2016  Our Secretary John Hollingsworth studying the Leinster Regiment artefacts on display in St. Brendan's Church of Ireland on Remembrance Sunday.

13 Nov. 2016  The new Brass Plaque presented by Leinster Regiment Ireland to St Brendan's Church of Ireland in Birr on 13 November 2016.

13 Nov. 2016  Chairman John Goodman presenting the Certificate of Honorary Membership to Archdeacon Wayne Carney in recognition of his invaluable assistance in perpetuating the memory of all those who served in the Leinster Regiment.

13 Nov. 2016  Members of Leinster Regiment Ireland at lunch in Birr on Remembrance Day.

13 Nov. 2016  Close up of some of the detail on the new Brass Plaque.


April 2017 Mark Hackett visiting his grandfather Sgt. Patrick Hackett’s war grave at Duhallow Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium.

 27 May 2017  Chairman John Goodman was invited to make an address by IUNVA Post 21 for International Peace Keepers Day in Wicklow.