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Leinster Regiment Ireland has been formed to commemorate and preserve the memory of the officers and men who served in the regiment prior to its disbandment in 1922, with particular emphasis on those that served in World War One.

Our organisation is Irish-based and will focus primarily on the interests and needs of its Irish-based members. We want the organisation to have an environment of inclusiveness that encourages its members to commemorate the men of the regiment.

We are actively seeking to build relationships with other groups and individuals that also commemorate ‘The Leinsters’ and also forge links with other groups and individuals that strive to promote a greater understanding of World War One and its effects on the men that fought it. 

We organise ceremonies that commemorate the regiment in Ireland and abroad as well as participate in events organised by other groups where appropriate.

Our emphasis is on, but not limited to, the individual soldier. Where possible, we will aide members in their efforts to research the service history and experience of those soldiers.

We are already working to have a museum/repository created to provide a facility for people to donate or lend artefacts and materials associated with the Leinsters.

We draw our membership from a wide circle with emphasis on those who have family links to the Leinster Regiment but all new members are most welcome to join us. We charge a modest annual subscription to cover the administration charges of Leinster Regiment Ireland.

Please support our efforts to commemorate the Leinsters in Ireland.


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